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Uniqart is a site designed to display and promote artwork created by Simon Anwell. Simons original techniques, uninhibited use of rich oil colours and original modern palettes allows his artwork to be truly free from more traditional approaches and represents series style contemporary artwork which is constantly developing.


Uniqart is now based in Sweden, all artwork is available worldwide and is available to purchase directly through the web site, at advertised gallery events and a limited selection through internet auction sites, details and availability will be displayed on the 'Gallery Page'


Uniqart represents exciting modern oil artwork using quality oil mediums and contemporary designs on gallery style box canvas, traditional stretched canvas and canvas boards.

Microart is a endless series of smaller individually designed oil on canvas artwork, available mounted and framed or simply mounted. Unique displays can be created with the wealth of colour and imagination these original art pieces possess, be creative..

Simon Anwell welcomes commission based work and can create individually tailored pieces which complement exsisting surroundings, generally these pieces are a culmination of colour schemes, textures, events and designs which are submitted to the artist to allow him to create the artwork which becomes very complimentary to the area it is to be displayed. Please email for more details.


A selection of artwork is available to loan out to local businesses and galleries for display purposes for limited periods. If you wish to host a display or include a relevant link to your company on this site please contact uniqart for further details,


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